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Digital mobile lifestyle solutions will play a significant role in engaging and motivating people to adopt healthier lifestyles. dacadoo wants to become a leading player in this emerging global market.

The award-winning dacadoo ag was founded in 2010 by the experienced Swiss entrepreneur Peter Ohnemus. The company has its headquarters in Zurich, Switzerland and has its US subsidiary dacadoo americas, inc. based in Boston, USA and an office in Sydney, Australia.

dacadoo is a globally active and an innovative business partner, which promotes digital transformation in healthcare. Our aim is to strengthen health and wellbeing through the active engagement and artificial intelligence. Our comprehensive digital health engagement platform motivates its users with a playful approach to a healthy lifestyle and makes health individually measurable. The mobile dacadoo health engagement platform combines motivation techniques from behavioral science and online games, with social and collaborative features from social networks as well as personalized feedback. On the basis of scientifically founded “Health Scoring” and health coaching by the “Lifestyle Navigator”, dacadoo offers leading digital solutions for companies in the healthcare sector as well as for corporate health promotion and wellness. Our corporate customers as well as the dacadoo users can rely on the comprehensive protection and security of their data.

Meet part of the highly motivated dacadoo team below:

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dacadoo ag

Othmarstrasse 8

CH-8008 Zurich, Switzerland

Europe: +41 44 251 23 23

USA: +1 508 361 5813

Asia-Pacific: +61 406 908 668

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