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Corporate Health is becoming more and more important for leading companies today. Results clearly indicate that healthy, happy and motivated employees deliver higher performance, ROI and remain more loyal towards their employers over time.

Empower and Engage Your Employees in Their Health and Wellbeing

With the number of smartphones growing globally, digital health engagement platforms will play a significant role in empowering, engaging and motivating employees to adopt healthier lifestyles. Employees are demanding full mobile solutions instead of static and lengthy questionnaires. The dacadoo digital and mobile corporate health engagement solution with its unique Health Score is already in use in many small, medium and large size companies globally.

Employees and their family members use dacadoo as a fun, easy to use digital and mobile platform to track, monitor and compare their lifestyle activities. This has led to better awareness, understanding and improvement of their overall health and wellbeing.

Corporate Health & Wellbeing Should be Fun and Engaging

Making lifestyle change a collective goal can have tremendous positive impact on an organization. Engage employees through group dynamics, challenges, gamification and rewards:

  • Company Groups: Employees find each other in company specific groups on dacadoo. They can friend each other and share activities to make this a collaborative experience.
  • Corporate Challenges: Setting up challenges for companies is very easy and they are a great tool for employee engagement and bringing various communities together on one, unified dacadoo platform. On dacadoo, the challenge functionality is very powerful and offers great flexibility. You can set up individual or team challenges, select any of the over 115 outdoor and indoor fitness activities recognized on dacadoo, define whether manual entries are allowed or only automatic tracking should count, and you can add your own challenge titles and pictures to personalize it.
  • Corporate Rewards: On dacadoo you can collect automatically dacadoo points on a variety of activities and behavior, and these points can be redeemed against rewards, which are defined together with the employer. Please note that the dacadoo points are for motivational and reward purposes only and they should not be confused with the dacadoo Health Score, which is the real-time indicator of your health and wellbeing.
  • Company Endorsement and Support: From our experience, employee participation rates range between 30% and 80%, depending on the quality of the launch campaign, internal endorsement and support.

Why Is This Interesting for Your Company?

With dacadoo employers obtain an own, consolidated Health Score of the company and follow its evolution over time, while visualizing the health and wellbeing of the employee base in real-time 24/7 through anonymized corporate reports. The Corporate Screener Report provides the dacadoo Baseline Score for the Company and the Corporate Health Reports provide an analysis of the evolution over time, identifying preferred activities, engagement levels and modifiable health risks in your organization. dacadoo is analyzing and comparing anonymized data across dimensions such as location, gender, age classes, etc. in a secure way. Employers do not get access to personal data of their employees.

Why Are Companies Choosing dacadoo?

The digital and mobile dacadoo health engagement solution with its unique Health Score includes a full-featured, brandable solution with mobile apps (iPhone, Android) and a web access for PCs, tablets and other smartphones (Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.). dacadoo runs on version 3.7.0 and is currently available in 13 different languages (English USA, English UK, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese simplified, Japanese and Korean). It is planned to add more languages.

Data of dacadoo users clearly shows that the Health Score solution works for those who use it. An analysis of over 67,000 dacadoo users in 2014 showed that on average, 80% of active users improved their “healthy years” by +2.5 years, and also reduced several modifiable health risk factors considerably.

dacadoo works

In summary, dacadoo is appealing because of the following unique product offering:

  • Fully mobile and digital solution
  • High level of data security and data privacy
  • Accessible globally in 13 languages
  • Branding and personalization options for employers
  • Quick and simple sign up and onboarding
  • Integrated reward system and points shop
  • Powerful corporate challenges feature
  • Anonymized corporate reports
  • Holistic approach to health and wellbeing, including exercise, nutrition, stress and sleep
Interested to know more? Download the dacadoo flyer on Corporate Health Engagement Solutions by entering your email below:

Download Corporate Health Engagement Solution PDF

Download Corporate Health Engagement Solution PDF


Contact dacadoo for more information:

  • Europe: +41 44 251 2323
  • USA: +1 508 361 5813
  • Asia-Pacific: +61 406 908 668



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