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The dacadoo Corporate Report offering is designed for our customers and partners, so that they can evaluate and measure ROI in real-time. dacadoo provides good understanding of corporate health initiatives and provides insights to organizations for appropriate decisions, actions and improvements across the organizations.

Out of the box, dacadoo offers pre-configured reports designed for:

  • Generating a Baseline Score of current health and wellbeing of the employee/member population
  • See the trends in engagement and wellbeing
  • See the changes in modifiable risk behaviors
  • See the trends in outcomes, as reported via the dacadoo Health Score and its sub-components.

Designed for Data Privacy and Security

Our data is securely protected using state-of-art cryptographic methods. dacadoo protects individual privacy, all corporate reports are fully anonymized. Our partners and employers only see aggregated data, that is meaningful at a group or a population level.

Full Population or Subset

Our reports can be “sliced and diced” using a variety of filtering criteria to narrow down on a specific target group. These include demographic filters (such as age, gender, etc.) or organizational filters (such as department, job role, employee location, etc.)

Point in Time Base-Lining or Time-Trending

Out of the box, we offer two variants of our pre-configured reports:

  • Corporate Health Baseline Report – This is a point in time health assessment based on self-reported responses from the users. This report contains metrics that pertain to body data, medical history and quality of life, based on responses provided by the employees. No tracking data is included.
  • Corporate Health Activity Report – This report is based on Health Score data collected over a period of time, including self-tracked lifestyle data. It shows the trends on the Health Score, its sub-components and modifiable lifestyle components (exercise, sleep, stress, nutrition).

One Size Does Not Fit All

dacadoo recognizes that our customers have varying needs. Hence we designed our offering to be flexible to meet simple or complex business intelligence needs of your organization. dacadoo offers three different options:

  • Standard Reports: These are pre-defined template reports which gives the company a quick overview of main components of health and wellbeing in the organization.
  • Custom Reports: We can change the design or include additional data elements, not already available in standard reports. We offer this as a professional service.
  • Data warehousing: For our customers that have an in-house data warehouse or business intelligence expertise, we allow the anonymized data to be exported and used for complex querying and correlations.

Contact dacadoo for more information:

  • Europe: +41 44 251 2323
  • USA: +1 508 361 5813
  • Asia-Pacific: +61 406 908 668



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