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dacadoo GO Walking Game


dacadoo developed an activity application which turns walking into a game called dacadoo GO. This walking product is different than the comprehensive digital, mobile dacadoo health engagement platform that looks at health and wellbeing holistically and helps users to actively manage their health in an easy and fun way.

dacadoo GO encourages people to walk more by turning walking into an entertaining game using also the scientifically validated dacadoo Step Score. This location-based game features quests, team battles, experience points, level system, abilities and rewards. It uses more than 7 million points of interest worldwide. This gets people excited about walking and keeps them coming back for more. The Step Score provides a true real-time measurement of how far people are walking and how this distance affects their health and wellbeing. dacadoo GO can be played by users of all ages and locations.

Target audience

dacadoo GO is offered to enterprise partners globally who are looking for a gamified market entry product focused on walking and to white label clients of the dacadoo digital health engagement platform, who would like to address their younger age groups with a gamified walking application as an additional “tracker” to the holistic and comprehensive platform. Since dacadoo GO is built on top of the comprehensive dacadoo digital health engagement platform, users can be offered a seamless migration path from dacadoo GO to the full-featured dacadoo platform.

dacadoo GO can also be white labeled, so that dacadoo’s clients can make it their own. The application is currently available in English and German, but more languages can be added upon request. For more information, please contact dacadoo at

dacadoo is available in various countries:

  • Europe: Austria, Belgium, Denmark, Finland, Germany, Italy, Ireland, Netherlands, Norway, Poland, Portugal, Slovakia, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, UK
  • Americas: Canada, USA
  • Asia-Pacific: Australia, Hong Kong, India, Japan, New Zealand, Singapore
  • Africa: South Africa

The Step Score

The Step Score is a scientifically validated measure of health based on the physical activity level and the body mass index (BMI) of dacadoo GO users. The physical activity level component of the Step Score is based on daily energy expenditure, which is calculated from the number of steps, step frequency, terrain grade, and stride length. Overweight and obesity, using the BMI, play a central role in the Step Score. Users with an elevated BMI receive extra points for their walking activity as it has a stronger effect on their body.

Promoting behavior change

dacadoo GO is designed to promote a lasting, positive behavior change for its users by motivating them to walk more. The design of the dacadoo GO game is based on behavioral science, and dacadoo GO motivates users in multiple ways. It offers a built-in reward system and a location-based game that users can choose to play. A sense of accomplishment is achieved by using a combination of micro and macro steps. Micro steps are small goals that are easy to get into and achieve; however, doing them repeatedly will quickly yield to a positively surprising “I did that?” effect when looking back. Macro steps are larger goals in life, which can only be achieved by completing multiple daily micro steps.

dacadoo GO game structure

dacadoo GO is built for individuals who own a smartphone. It can be played by users of all ages and locations. To motivate players to continuously play the dacadoo GO game we have designed the game structure and gaming mechanism to be fun, engaging, and ever-changing. The unique combination of outdoor activity with smartphones while participating in a fun and challenging game will get people excited and keep them coming back for more. dacadoo GO motivates players to remain engaged by its game level system that continuously unlocks new levels as players complete certain tasks and gain seniority. The dacadoo GO level system is based on progress dynamics ranging from level 1 to level 15 where every step counts. To advance in level, dacadoo GO users need to earn experience points (XP). Players can make progress by walking, as each step yields one experience point.

As the level rises, additional features are gradually unlocked:

  • Quests (Level 2): At level 2, the Quest System is unlocked. Players can walk to a quest appearing on the map at a point of interest, such as a store or public place. The quest asks the player to complete a task, such as visiting a set of neighboring places. This particular quest may make players rediscover their neighborhood in a new and fun way, all while walking and accumulating experience points.
  • Step Score (Level 3): The Step Score comes with two strongly motivational subsystems: There is an “energy booster” for players who are overweight to get them going, and there is a walk reservoir. Players fill the reservoir as they walk, which protects the Step Score from decaying if players do not walk as much as usual for a day or two.
  • Teams (Level 5): dacadoo GO is a social game that emphasizes teamwork and collaboration. At level 5 players can join one of two teams, the red or the blue team. Choosing a team allows players to battle for daily team victory by collecting “Gems” appearing on the map for their team. Players need to walk to these “Gems” and pick them up. All active players in the winning team gain additional experience points once the competition ends. To ensure variety, dacadoo GO supports multiple types of team battles, and on battle is chosen every day at random.
  • Abilities and Rewards (Levels 8, 10, 15): The Abilities System is presented to players at level 8 and is designed to make players feel empowered by giving them certain boosts, which need to be discovered. The dacadoo GO Reward system is unlocked at level 15 and experience points that have been gained from “Quests” and “Team” wins become “coins”, which are a virtual currency within dacadoo GO. The earned “coins” can be redeemed in the reward shop. Partners can fully customize the content of the reward shop with their own reward merchandise. It is our experience that the reward system provides long-term motivation to dacadoo GO players.

Of course players do not have to understand all the background mechanics of the dacadoo GO game and can simply focus on how to proceed in the game while having fun. For more information on the dacadoo GO game, click here.

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Contact dacadoo for more information:

  • Europe: +41 44 251 2323
  • USA: +1 508 361 5813
  • Asia-Pacific: +61 406 908 668

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