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Life and health insurance (L&H insurance) are becoming mobile and digital. Due to the rapid growth in the number of smartphones and mobile app usage, people have access to information that they never had before. They are increasingly willing to share information if they get something of value in return. At dacadoo we call this trend the “something for something” economy. In the digital market, consumers are willing to share lifestyle based information with their L&H insurance company and expect to be rewarded for their information exchange.

New opportunities with digital health solutions:

  • Automated and transparent client application process with opt-in functions. Healthcare data stays private.
  • Reward programs will award customers with a healthy lifestyle with discounts, bonuses, etc.
  • A combination of lifestyle analytics, health engagement, cost transparency and service solutions will secure solid growth for the digital life & health insurance providers.
  • Dynamic Health Scoring enables real-time underwriting and PAYL (pay as you live) products

Collect and Redeem Points with dacadoo

On dacadoo you can automatically collect dacadoo points (we call them “dacadoois”) on a variety of activities and behaviors. These points can be redeemed against rewards, which are defined by the L&H insurer and their strategic partners (retail, fitness clubs, donations, etc.). Please note that the dacadoo points are for motivational and reward purposes only and they should not be mixed up with the dacadoo Health Score, the real-time indicator of your health and wellbeing.

Why dacadoo is Interesting for digital L&H Insurers

The dacadoo digital and mobile health engagement solution with its unique Health Score includes a full-featured, brandable solution with mobile apps (iPhone, Android) and a web access for PCs, tablets and other smartphones (Windows Phone, BlackBerry, etc.). dacadoo runs on version 3.7.0 and is currently available in 13 languages (English USA, English UK, German, Dutch, French, Italian, Spanish, Brazilian Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Chinese simplified, Japanese and Korean). It is planned to add further languages.

Data of its existing users clearly shows that dacadoo works for those who use it. An analysis on over 67,000 dacadoo users in 2014 showed that on average, 80% of active users improved their “healthy years” by +2.5 years, and also reduced several modifiable health risk factors considerably.

dacadoo works

In summary, dacadoo is appealing for the following reasons:

  • Fully mobile and digital solution
  • High level of data security & privacy
  • Accessible globally in 13 languages
  • Speed to market
  • Fully brandable for L&H insurers
  • Quick and simple sign up and onboarding
  • Integrated reward/points system to reward for healthy behavior
  • Powerful challenges functionality
  • Health and lifestyle data in real-time with a holistic approach to health & wellbeing
  • Lifestyle feedback by the coach system
  • Designed as an open platform, it is device and app agnostic
  • dacadoo enables real-time engagement for improving health and wellbeing of your Life and Health Insurance customers.
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Download Digital Life & Health Insurance Solutions PDF

Download Digital Life & Health Insurance Solutions PDF

Contact dacadoo for more information:

  • Europe: +41 44 251 2323
  • USA: +1 508 361 5813
  • Asia-Pacific: +61 406 908 668

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