How can I activate an achievement on dacadoo?

Achievements are another key gamification and engagement feature on dacadoo. They are general goals proposed by the dacadoo Health Score platform. There are currently 216 achievements in various categories that you can earn. Achievements are automatically activated for you and they start at a low level. Once you have reached e.g. “Cycling: 100 km”, the achievement in the same sequence, e.g. “Cycling: 500 km”, gets auto-activated.

In the mobile apps and on the website, achievements can be accessed by clicking on “Achievements”. There are general achievements and activity-based achievements available on dacadoo. Each achievement category is organised by “Next achievements” and “Earned achievements”.

To check the current status and progress towards attaining an achievement, you can click on the specific achievement so that the results unfold. It works in the same way on the mobile apps and on the website.

Attained achievements are communicated via the news feed on dacadoo and within the coach section.

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