How can I avoid being flooded with notifications from dacadoo? For example, if I am e.g. on holiday, injured, sick or pregnant?

If you are on holiday, if you are sick, injured or cannot be active for some other reason, you can adjust your Coach settings.

You can select the Coach settings in the upper right corner of the “Coach” page on the mobile apps.

With the Coach settings, you can define preferences in terms of areas of interest (exercise, nutrition, general topics, and social notifications) as well as the frequency of desired interaction with the dacadoo Coach on those topics. You simply move the slider right or left to define more or less interaction. The Coach will use these preferences in combination with other conditional message attributes to deliver the best coaching experience.

On the mobile apps, you do not need to “Save” your settings. On the website, you are asked to click the “Save My Answers” button to save the settings.

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