How can I use Siri on my iPhone with dacadoo?

If you own an iPhone, you can make use of Siri to give voice-based commands to dacadoo.

You can start your workouts using voice-based commands by telling Siri to start walking, running, cycling, etc.

For Siri to understand your command, you need to say:

  • “Start NAME OF ACTIVITY with dacadoo”, or
  • “Start NAME OF ACTIVITY workout with dacadoo”.

For example, if you say: “Start walking with dacadoo” then Siri will open the dacadoo app and immediately start recording your walking activity! You can also use Siri when you are already inside the dacadoo app.

Currently we the following activities activated: walking, running, cycling, mountain biking, tennis, golf, yoga, aerobics, treadmill and gym workouts. Additional activities will be activated in the future releases.

If you experience issues using Siri, like receiving the phrase: “I wish I could, but dacadoo hasn’t set up with me yet”, then please switch off your iPhone completely and restart it. This will solve the issue and you will be able to use Siri normally with dacadoo again.

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