How can I access and use dacadoo?

There are various ways how you can sign up on dacadoo:

  • Corporate users: You will receive a personalized link to sign up from your employer who sponsored your subscription and your account will be valid for the duration your employer paid for. 
  • Test users of potential dacadoo customers: You can request an access code at dacadoo ( or from your dacadoo sales representative, which will allow you to sign up on dacadoo and test it for free for 30 days. If you want to continue to use dacadoo after the test period, you can extend your subscription as described below. Please note that dacadoo can activate additional features for test users that are not visible in the standard version, such as the points page with linked rewards shop or other corporate features (groups, sub-branding, etc.). Contact your dacadoo sales representative if you would like to get access to these features.
  • Private users: dacadoo does not provide access to private users, except for people who have a gift voucher.

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