How can I track a workout?

On dacadoo you can track over 115 different indoor and outdoor fitness activities directly via the integrated tracker in the dacadoo mobile app (iPhone, Android) by clicking on the Track menu item.

In the Track menu, you select your activity by clicking on the Change Activity button or by clicking directly on the fitness activity icon on the screen. You will see the list of available activities that can be tracked on dacadoo. Some of these activities show a compass icon to signal that they are GPS-based activities. Select the activity and then click on Start to begin tracking your activity live.

If you have already completed a workout and would like to add it manually, click on Add Activity Manually and enter the data there.

Via web access ( you can only add activity manually following the same process after login: Track -> Add Activity Manually.

In addition to tracking directly with the dacadoo mobile app (iPhone, Android), dacadoo supports many of the popular fitness tracking devices and apps available from third parties. Check out the Q&A question: “Connecting third party devices and apps”.

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