What is the scientific basis of the nutrition model?

The nutrition model assesses the adoption by the user of what is regarded as a healthy diet. Currently, the best evidence for this comes from studies on the so-called Mediterranean Diet (MD). However, dacadoo complements questions assessing the adherence to the MD with questions from other validated questionnaires (e.g. the “Mindful Eating” questionnaire). This allows expanding the applicability of the nutrition questionnaire to a larger (also non-Mediterranean) population and allows for the widening of the dietary and behavioral dimensions to additional foods and eating habits.

“Mindful Eating” describes a non-judgmental awareness of physical and emotional sensations associated with eating. While questions about the MD give information on what the user eats, the validated “Mindful Eating” questionnaire provides insights as to how, when and why the user eats or drinks. With this complement, the dacadoo not only monitors adherence to a balanced diet but also determines whether a healthy eating behavior is adopted. The baseline questionnaire uses selected proxy questions from the original “Mindful Eating” questionnaire allowing a first rough assessment of the user’s mindfulness regarding food and beverage intake.

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