Why is the tracked activity data and energy that I tracked with devices or apps from third parties sometimes different on dacadoo?

dacadoo connects to many popular fitness tracking devices and apps from third parties.

It is important to note that dacadoo only integrates raw data such as steps, heart rate, etc. from third party devices and apps. The calculation of energy models and calories burnt is done by dacadoo, as it is important for dacadoo to remain consistent in how your workouts are calculated across various different fitness tracking sources. As vendors of tracking devices and apps use different energy models, this leads to there being differences between their data and the data seen on dacadoo.

There is no global standard regarding how energy conversion is calculated from the number of steps. There are numerous models which differ, among other things, with respect to the input data used and also the quality of the results. Simple models consider only the number of steps, while more complex models also take into account inputs such as speed and route.

For us at dacadoo it is important to perform the energy calculation directly on our platform. We do this to maintain the integrity of the Health Score and the challenges we run on our platform. It would be unfavorable to use Tracker X instead of Tracker Y because Tracker X’s energy model is “more generous” in energy calculation.

As part of our activity, we therefore regularly work on energy models and choose the best possible one.

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