Empower and Engage!

Empowering you is good, but engaging you in a healthy lifestyle is more important! Empowering you is about providing you with an easy to use Health Score platform which helps you to take ownership of your own health and wellbeing. Engaging you is about keeping you motivated and active using the dacadoo Health Score platform over a longer period of time and thereby adopting a healthier lifestyle.

The digital and mobile dacadoo Health Score platform works as a Lifestyle Navigator. It is a great tool to empower you to take more personal ownership of your own health and wellbeing, which has obvious benefits. However, it is the engagement features that we have integrated in dacadoo that make it sticky and help you adopt a healthier lifestyle over time. dacadoo uses motivation techniques from behavioral science and online games, collaborative features from social networks and provides personalized feedback based on the data entered through the dacadoo coaches.


Motivational Techniques from Online Games

dacadoo applies various game design techniques, thinking and mechanics to the health and wellbeing context. These so-called gamification features encourage you to engage in more positive lifestyle behaviors:

  • Challenges: Challenges are a great way to stimulate engagement amongst users and trigger the competitive spirit among family, friends and colleagues. It is also a great way to bring different communities together to compete within one, unified dacadoo platform. On dacadoo, more than 120 different outdoor and indoor activities are recognized, which means that you can even arrange an “all activities” category challenge, where participants can track any of these fitness activities. This makes it very appealing for larger communities to participate, as some like to swim, others like to walk or run, etc. Creating a challenge on dacadoo is very easy and can be done directly via the dacadoo mobile app (or via the web access on You can create individual or team challenges for your family and friends, and companies can set up corporate challenges which run on a closed environment and are only accessible to a part or to all company employees.
  • Achievements: dacadoo developed a large number of achievable personal goals for different types of users and activities. The importance of recognizing personal progress and active engagement is broadly known. Therefore, when personal goals are achieved, dacadoo provides recognition in form of icons and notifications. In each offered activity you can achieve different tiers of a goal. It recognizes activities done at every level of your life.dacadoo
  • Goals: dacadoo also created goals which you can choose to join. They are created to motivate you to follow some workout routines for some time. Successfully attaining a goal is rewarded with dacadoo points. Therefore, you are getting used to a new, healthier routine which helps you to stay active.
  • dacadoo Points: On dacadoo, you can earn dacadoo points for various activities. The better the lifestyle choices you make, the more dacadoois you will earn over time. You accumulate dacadoois and you will be able to redeem your accumulated points against various types of rewards. The dacadoo points are for motivational and reward purposes only and they are not to be confused with the dacadoo Health Score, which is the real-time indicator of your health and wellbeing.
    dacadoo points

Collaborative Features from Social Networks

To increase the personal fun-factor and active engagement, you can connect with family, friends, colleagues and like-minded, comment on activities, follow others activities via the newsfeed and push information out to your favorite social networks, such as Facebook and Twitter.

Personalized Lifestyle Feedback through the dacadoo Coach

On dacadoo you’ll find a coach for movement, a coach for nutrition and a general dacadoo coach. The purpose of the coaches are to engage you, based on your passion and activities that trigger positive emotions in you. It is designed using best practices from behavioral science, online gaming and social networking.


The dacadoo coach customizes the feedback based on your individual personality and behavior – essentially on factors such as your motivation factors, ability to make positive change and progress. The overall goal of the dacadoo coach is to become your trusted virtual wellness coach by making it – Relevant (for you), Easy (to use) and Fun (to engage in) – the REF factor. dacadoo is designed to maximize the REF factor for you.

Under the hood, the dacadoo coach uses behavioral design and motivation principles from the so-called Self-Determination Theory (SDT), which focuses on intrinsic motivation. The 3 cornerstones are:

  1. Autonomy: You choose your goals and participate in activities on your own. The system only makes recommendations.
  2. Competence: Fun, realistic goals and progress towards these goals generates a sense of accomplishment which is further boosted with peer recognition and positive feedback.
  3. Relatedness: Friends and groups with similar interests make you more committed towards reaching those goals.

The dacadoo coach provides reminders, tips and personalized advice in the form of notifications, questions and periodic statistics on your favorite mobile device. It also respects your preferences in terms of desired communication frequency.

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