Access and Subscription

There are various ways how you can sign up on dacadoo:

  • Corporate users: You will receive a personalized link to sign up from your employer who sponsored your subscription and your account will be valid for the duration your employer paid for. If the employer doesn’t renew the subscription, you may choose to extend the subscription as described below.
  • Test users of potential dacadoo customers: You can request an access code at dacadoo ( or from your dacadoo sales representative, which will allow you to sign up on dacadoo and test it for free for 30 days. If you want to continue to use dacadoo after the test period, you can extend your subscription as described below. Please note that dacadoo can activate additional features for test users that are not visible in the standard version, such as the points page with linked rewards shop or other corporate features (groups, sub-branding, etc.). Contact your dacadoo sales representative if you would like to get access to these features.
  • Private users: dacadoo does not provide access to private users, except for people who have a gift voucher.

How to renew expired subscriptions:

dacadoo will notify you by push notification 10 and 5 days prior to the expiry of your subscription regarding the possibility to renew your dacadoo subscription. You need to actively renew your dacadoo subscription following such notification.

  • InApp purchase: Once your subscription period expired, you can select one of the standard paid dacadoo subscriptions for 90, 180 or 360 days. Payment must be made in advance for the subscription period through the InApp purchase function in the respective App stores.
  • License code and/or Gift Vouchers: If you received a license code with a valid subscription, you need to enter the licence code via the website on to activate the additional subscription period.

The current price for the monthly dacadoo subscriptions is as follows:

  • USA: USD 4.99/month
  • European Union: EUR 5.67/month
  • Switzerland: CHF 5.00/month
  • All other countries: Please check the dacadoo pricing for your respective country in the app stores.

Please note that the prices listed above are indicative and subject to currency exchange rate related fluctuations. dacadoo has no control over and is not responsible for app store related terms and conditions.

Please read the details about the terms of use, privacy policy and payment terms here.

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