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We use the dacadoo platform to organize the first CTP Sport Challenge. This 1 month competition got 50 employees from several of our offices across Europe involved. This event was an extraordinary success. Not only we did have a lot fun, but it has also been, so far, the most effective way to bring together people who have rarely been in touch before; new bounds have been created across cities and countries.
We could not have chosen a better tool to reach that goal.

Pierre, Switzerland

dacadoo is a healthy addiction for me and has definitely helped me make some very positive changes to my health habits & lifestyle. Very motivational.

John, Australia
dacadoo testimonial: John, Australia

dacadoo has become part of my lifestyle. Every morning I check my Health Score, my emails, LinkedIn, and the news … in that order!

Thomas, Australia
dacadoo testimonial

What I really like about dacadoo is that I see it as a practical monitoring and motivational tool that helps me. With dacadoo it’s easier to remain engaged with my habits.

Karyne, Brazil
dacadoo testimonial

My dacadoo mobile app became my loyal partner in the daily quest for a balanced lifestyle.

Lucas, Brazil
dacadoo testimonial

With dacadoo I can really benchmark my health & sports activties. Before that I couldn’t compare if I was healthier or not. Friends activities really motivates me to keep moving.

Mareane, Brazil
dacadoo testimonial

What really makes me feel excited about dacadoo is how my engagement to exercises increased. It works like a personal coach and always challenges me!

Bruno, Brazil
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo can get quite addictive when you see somebody you know has a better score than you, and you just think I have to beat them!

Kasper, Denmark
dacadoo testimonial

Since I use dacadoo I have a great motivator to keep improving my fitness, which in addition resulted in weight loss and improvements of my overall wellbeing.

Martin, Germany
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo helps me reach my fitness goals. Especially the challenges/competitions with my friends encourages me to give my best with a lot of fun as a nice add on.

Frank, Germany
dacadoo testimonial

A tour without dacadoo is like sun without heat.

Wolfgang, Germany
dacadoo testimonial

I love my dacadoo. It makes healthy lifestyle and training even more motivational and fun

Oern, Norway
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo is a unique way to stay healthy online! Personal diet, index of health, agenda of the practices and different competitions allow me and my friends to have fun and keep track on body development.

Liza, Russia
dacadoo testimonial

With dacadoo I lost 20 kilos, joined Moscow Ski Marathon for 50 km and currently regularly cycle 30 km per day.

Vadim, Russia
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo inspires me to begin sports and look after my health. It helps me not only to control my health activity but also to improve this score, and it is very useful for me especially because I am an office worker.

Ekaterina, Russia
dacadoo testimonial

It’s dacadoo that makes me walk, run, swim more often than before and switch from TV to going outside for a walk.

Nikolay, Russia
dacadoo testimonial

I’ve never been a sports man, however, dacadoo has shifted my behaviors to live in more active style. It motivates me to walk a lot and coaches me and my family members to eat healthy food.

Alexander, Russia
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo is my daily companion. With dacadoo I currently have a full overview on my sporting performance from the previous weeks.

Brigitte, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo motivates me to do different sports activities & it’s easy to maintain my fitness. dacadoo is my favorite App!

Christian, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

I enjoy dacadoo because of the social aspect which motivates me to also share my activities with others.

Bettina, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

I like that dacadoo records all important data to a healthy lifestyle and that it affects the health score in real-time. I see immediately where I need to become healthier.

Philipp, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

The challenges, the leagues, and the achievements keep me motivated and encourage me to exercise regularly.

Matthias, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

In order to reach my goal; keeping my body healthy and flexible, I’ll try to do regular jogging and yoga exercises. dacadoo motivates me.

Irene, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

I use and love dacadoo because it works with a wide range of my fitness gadgets.

Mathias, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo encourages me to live a healthier and more balanced live. It helps me to become the active and happy person I want to be.

Melanie, Switzerland
dacadoo testimonial

I really enjoy being able to map out my workouts and get an accurate calorie count.

Megan, USA
dacadoo testimonial

dacadoo helps me track my progress and provide you with an overall health score. The Fitness Monitor.

Neil, USA
dacadoo testimonial

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